We are asking Cork businesses to consider becoming a Civic Patron of Cork Civic Trust and Civic Life. As a Civic Patron of Cork Civic Trust and Civic Life, our programme will manage your engagement with the range of Voluntary, Social, Civic and Not for Profit organisations that exist in Cork and that contact you throughout the year for support.

Civic Life is seeking to change forever the way Cork gives a voice to its 3,000 Voluntary, Social, Civic and Not for Profit organisations who do amazing work in our community. Civic Life will give them a voice, recognition and a platform to promote what they do so to the 540,000 Cork Citizens as well as to the 10m members of the Cork Diaspora who are in 200 countries globally and whom Civic Life is interested in engaging with as part of its Civic Engagement Programme.

As a Civic Patron of Cork Civic Trust, we will become your Civic Engagement Agency. We will manage all requests that come to you for support as you will refer them to us for engagement and management. As a Civic Patron of Cork Civic Trust and Civic Life, our commitment to you is that all requests that come to you and that are passed to us will be supported by the Civic Life model. Requests will be assessed and support will be by way of at least one of the following four key strategies:

1. Guaranteed inclusion for the group/organisation/person as one of those Civic Organisations being supported by Civic Life with a full annual promotional programme for their activity.

2. Extensive promotion of a particular project that is seeking financial support by way of editorial and social media promotion through the Civic Life model to our Cork and Global supporters.

3. Referral to the Civic Support Fund for consideration of financial support.

4. Referral back to the Civic Patron for further and direct consideration of support where such a request may be deemed suitable for such consideration.

5. Possible matching with a member of the Cork Diaspora who may be willing to support the project by way of a full donation in return for a dedicated programme that Cork Civic Trust will manage between the parties.

Depending on the nature of some requests and their relevance to your strategic support plan for your area or your company ethos, we will bring all relevant requests to you for additional consideration.

In appointing Cork Civic Trust as your Civic Engagement Agency, we are encouraging each of our Civic Patrons to allow us support each and every request that you receive. Each request will be assessed and actioned in the best interests of how to support it.

Our model is all about ‘Telling Your Story’ and ensuring that for the support that you give Cork, you will in turn receive support back. This is all about Cork Civic Trust and Civic Life being your Civic Engagement Agency and supporting what you do here in Cork for some of the 3,000 organisations who do such amazing work in our community every day and who are so deserving of support from all of us.

Your annual package as a Civic Patron will include –

* Your corporate logo on our Civic Patron’s section for the year

* An editorial profile on during the year that we will craft and compile for you

* Social media welcome as a Civic Patron

* News coverage for your business throughout the year when you request same

* Engagement with you throughout the year to assist you in promoting your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) role in Cork

* Ongoing social media engagement with your business

* A Civic Patron wall plaque to display on your premises

* Recognition as aKey Sponsor of The Pride of Cork Awards 2019

* A Guaranteed nomination for an award in the category of The Civic Patron of the Year at The Pride of Cork Awards 2019

* Guaranteed promotion and engagement for all Civic Organisations that contact your business for support throughout the year

There is a once off establishment fee of €5,000 to become a Civic Patron of Cork Civic Trust and an annual cost from year two of €2,500


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