Are you a Voluntary, Social, Civic, Charitable or Not for Profit organisation operating in any county on the Island of Ireland? If so, our service will be of interest to your organisation. We offer a fully FREE service to every organisation in this sector so that we can promote the great work that you are doing and support everything that your community offers the people of your area.


Island of Ireland Civic Life consists of 32 individual county Civic Life organisations that are dedicated to supporting and promoting the great organisations in each county. If you have news, stories, press releases, appointments, events, fundraising or anything at all that you have to promote, send us the details and always include an image and your contact details. You can send us as many items as you wish throughout the year and we will endeavor to include them for you. Here is the format that we will need it in from you –


* News item to be ready for publishing
* News item to be proofread
* Please supply images as web optimised and a maximum 1mb in size
* Your contact details to include your phone number
* Sender to have authority to issue the news item and picture


Send your email to info@islandofireland.ie



Our philosophy is that the Civic Life platform is here to support what your organisation does and at all times throughout the year. This is a platform that is dedicated to support you and the great work that you do in your community. To enhance the relationship between your organisation and ours, it would be preferable for one person in your organisation to be the Communications Officer and to send us any material that you would like published. Many organisations do not have a Communications Officer and that is fine. As long as we have one point of contact in your organisations to engage with, that will be fine. You can email to us at info@islandofireland.ie the name of the person that will be acting as your Communications Officer with us.



Island of Ireland Civic Life is developing a professional and practical guide for every organisation that we work with that would like to have their own Communications Officer within their own organisation. This guide will provide all of the basics that any organisation would need to engage with any media organisation so as to get the most value and benefit from the news and information that they share about the work of their organisation and its people. The aim of this new programme is to ensure that every organisation can have their own in-house Communication Officer, be it a volunteer who will devote some time to the organisation that they have an affinity to or for a new or existing member of staff that wants to specialise in managing the public relations and media affairs of the organisation. This new programme will be free to all of the organisations that we support.