In each of the thirty-two counties around the Island of Ireland there are incredible local organisations doing amazing things in our communities. Island of Ireland Civic Life with its unique county by county Civic Life model will ensure that organisations can be supported and promoted on our news platform in promoting what they do best and tell their stories in a way that will assist them in the areas of public relations, media relations and marketing. To do this we rely on support and we would be delighted to work with businesses in each of the counties around the Island of Ireland who would like to support this initiative. We have created a Civic Champion programme that will be of interest to many small and medium businesses and to individuals that have a specific allegiance to one or more organisations in their area. When you join us as a Civic Champion you will receive the following for your business –

* You can select up to three local organisations to be the Civic Champion of.
* You will be listed as a Civic Champion of your chosen organisation(s).
* You can choose any local organisation(s) to be the Civic Champion of.
* Your business will be seen as a supporter of organisations in the local area.
* The name of your business will be placed on the website
* Your business will be promoted throughout the year by our team.
* We will assist you in promoting your CSCR message.


Island of Ireland Civic Life is a full social enterprise whose constitution stipulates that it must work on behalf of the voluntary, social, civic, charitable and not for profit organisations throughout the island of Ireland and reinvest any surplus income that it may have into additional services for the benefit of this sector. To help us achieve all of our aims on behalf of the civic sector, we have set the annual fee to become a Civic Champion at an affordable €495 (+ VAT) if you select one organisations to be Civic Champion of or €895 (+ VAT) for two organisations or €1,295 (+ VAT) for three organisations. By becoming a Civic Champion of an organisation or organisations that you support, you will afford them a full service from our unique and dedicated Civic Life initiative and you will also be fulfilling your own Corporate, Social and Civic Responsibility (CSCR). 


To learn more and to discuss becoming a Civic Champion with us, please contact Michael Mulcahy at or at 0818 33 22 77 / 087 7768580